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Developing leaders in your organization
not bad bosses

Being the boss does not equate with being a leader. Being a "Boss" is about authority, title, or position, but being a "leader" is about your behaviour.

During an economic downturn the need for "leaders" in your organization is greater than ever, there's no room for "bad bosses". 43% of employees already rate their own line managers as either ineffective or highly ineffective, it's clear that we are faced with a potentially devastating leadership shortage that can have serious implications for your company.

Russell Stratton, Champion of Great Leadership at Bluegem Learning, has made it his mission to develop great Leaders in the organizations he works with. His primary expertise is working with Leaders wanting to optimize their team's performance including those transitioning into a new Leadership position.

What makes Bluegem unique
Bluegem is the only Calgary based Leadership Development consultancy that offers innovative, dynamic experiential programs that combine training, ongoing coaching and hands on, on the job support, at pricing that makes sense on your budget. All backed by our 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Using Bluegem's ACE2 systematic "Be a Leader not a Boss" leadership development approach we can custom build a solution that guarantees results for your specific requirements.

Return on Investment
For example, by using the techniques learned on one of our programs, one participant reduced absenteeism in her team by 15%, saving her organization $18,000 over 3 months.

 A second participant improved production by 10% during a production run and brought the project in ahead of time and under budget after using the coaching techniques practiced on another program.

  Whats New
Like to save 66% on the cost of your training
We are pleased to announce that we will be sharing with all of our clients an innovative cost-sharing program that has helped Alberta corporations and not-for-profits subsidize learning and development costs for employees.

The changing face of modern leadership
We'd like to share with you a piece written by Dan Buchner, vice-president of the Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute at the Banff Centre, for the Globe and Mail Report on Business section.

When we think of leadership in such times, we immediately look toward the dynamic individual leader who can guide us through the volatility. But leadership today has shifted toward a shared responsibility of key actors in the play, a process shared by passionate and motivated individuals within a social system. There will always be strong individual voices, but success will come from interactions among groups of leaders developing innovative approaches by looking at existing ideas in new and creative ways.

The Secrets of Successful Onboarding
Michael Watkins; Picking the right transition strategy; Harvard Business Review (2009) identified that there are four broad types of situations a new leader may encounter: